This elemental music project had its origin in Manipur – facing the “best of times and the worst of times.” As the world trembled with fear; as human patience was worn thin; as we lost countless lives there was a little bit of heaven; a glimpse of paradise in meditative music. They say music heals, so we bring to you Elemental: a meditative music by Siyom and produced by Airameen Media. Music that will make you feel transported to another dimension even as it makes you feel more connected and more rooted to home. They say love makes the world go around so we bring to you our love of home, Manipur and music!

Duration: 64:09 minutes

Music Producer: Airameen Media
Cover design: Pranong Media LLP
Music by SIYOM
Synth by Mocha Kangjam
Pena/Toudri by Chaoba Thiyam
Price: ₹ 149/-
Copyright @AIRAMEEN MEDIA 2021